Why Choose SEO?

Updated: Feb 14

Choosing SEO in 2021

First of all, ask yourself why you’re here: are you here because you want to learn a bit more about SEO? Because you’re a sceptic? Or because you believe in the power of SEO and want to work with a leading SEO Adelaide company?

Whatever it may be that got you to this page, it’s important to come back to what SEO is all about: creating content that users actually see. From there, it’s usually up to the user to determine what will happen next. However, if the content is good enough, it will generate a transactional interaction. 


So, if the goal is still get to get someone to buy, book, order or enquire, why choose SEO? Why not choose Google Ads or Facebooks Ads?

We’ve put together the top reasons that you should be choosing SEO in 2021:

SEO is long term


If you’re looking for a marketing channel to bring in traffic today, move on. SEO is not a short-term game. SEO is all about generating a long-term, sustainable presence in search engines. It comes down to building authority, trust and becoming a pillar in your industry. Would you rather small short term wins or astronomical long term growth? The choice is yours. 

People trust organic results

SEORUS Sydney have conducted research that shows us that users are more in touch with ads and organic results than ever before. Think about it, when you type something into Google, do you click on the first thing that comes up that says ‘ad’ just above it, or would you prefer to click on a search result that has earned its way up to the top of the results?

SEO provides return on investment

Cost per click can be hard to generate real return on investment. The money that you spend on each click is not guaranteed to provide any transaction. However, with organic search, you know that you’re getting unpaid, organic traffic from users that are actually looking for you products or services. The end result? A relatively fast return on your initial investment.

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